Wolf Run

2023 Wolf Run Fundraiser

Update: We reached our fundraising goal! Thank you families! Please fill out the CCSD waiver found at https://forms.gle/DxsJmhj9Ce8cgMB99 AND the Ninja Nation minor-school form found at https://www.waiverfile.com/b/COSouthMobile/Waiver.aspx?id=e281f225-0416-452e-98b3-ef008565980d (both are necessary) so your child can participate in the Ninja Nation obstacle course on Monday, October 9 for Prize Day. If you child does not wish to participate, please notify us at ptcochallenge@gmail.com

Our goal is to raise $50,000 

The money raised will go to support teacher assistants and instructional resources. All proceeds go directly back to support the school. This is a volunteer parent-led event. If you have any questions, reach out to Amy Henry at PTCOChallenge@gmail.com.

We will have an assembly, run day, and prize day. Every student and staff member will receive a free t-shirt to wear on the day of the run that will be theirs to keep, and elementary students will use theirs on field day later in the year.

Assembly Kick Off & Donation Packets - Friday, September 1st

Assembly Day will be held in the gym: grades 5-8 will be from 8:05-8:25am and grades K-4 from 8:30- 8:55am.

Members of the Wolf Run Committee will be there to get the students excited about the Wolf Run and show them some of the prizes that they can earn by bringing in pledge money. Packets of information will be handed out in your student’s Connections class. Information is also available on the website, thru Signup Genius, on our Facebook page, and in Wolf Tracks. The packets will include a donation collection/pledge envelope with each student’s name. Donations can be in the form of a per lap pledge (i.e., .50 a lap), or a flat donation (any amount). You can also donate online and share the link with family and friends.

Wolf Run Day - Friday, September 15th

Your student’s free T-shirt will be delivered to their Connections class and distributed the day of the run. T- shirts will already have the bibs pinned on the shirt. Bibs will have the student’s name and connections class on them so students will just need to find their name and put on the t-shirt before the run. Students will walk outside with their class for the introduction, run for 30 minutes, and then have cool down/popsicle time while volunteers take off their bibs, and then they will return to class. Students should bring a water bottle, dress in comfortable clothing, & wear comfortable running / walking shoes. There will be some cups and a water cooler at the run, in case kids forget a water bottle. Students who run 40 or more laps will get a lei to wear the rest of the day.

Our Principal, Mr. Strohfus will be out there running with each class – do you think he can make 12 miles this year?

Run Schedule:

8:15-8:45 - Team A

8:33-9:32 – Period 1 Spanish & Encore

9:35-10:34 – Period 2 Spanish & Encore

10:37-11:36 – Period 3 Spanish & Encore

11:39-12:24 – Teams C

12:27-1:12 – Team B

1:17-2:16 – Period 5 Spanish & Encore

To volunteer, please find the sign-up genius link here.

Prize Day – Monday, October 9 th

At the beginning of the school day, we will hand out lists and colored bracelets for students who have earned prizes and have signed the safety waiver online. PLEASE make sure that you have signed the safety waiver online so that your student(s) may participate. NO STUDENT CAN PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A SIGNED 2023 WAIVER ON FILE. Your waiver will be found on the Wolf Run donation website or here. (If your student does not wish to participate in the prize day event, please email Amy Henry at ptcochallenge@gmail.com.)

The take home prizes will be delivered to each student’s Connections class (may be on prize day or a little later depending on ordering).

Individual Prize Levels:

$0 - Free Challenge T-shirt

$1-$24 – Popsicles for the School

$25-$74 – 5 Fall Fest Tickets

$75-$199 – Challenge Drawstring Bag

$200-$399 – Challenge Water Bottle

$400+ Challenge Sweatshirt and parents are entered into a drawing for one night at the Art Hotel with Breakfast!

Family Prize: $250+: Pie in the face! Which teacher will it be? (Example: two kids in one family donate $125 each - they both get a chance to throw a pie at a teacher)

Whole School Prize: If the whole school raises $50,000 then all the kids will time on a Ninja Nation course at school on Oct 9th, IF they have a safety waiver turned in. (2023 Waiver Form)

Class Prizes:

Middle School - Best Spirit, Most Laps, and Top Dollar will get to choose a breakfast “party” or smoothies during their Connections class. For Best Spirit, a volunteer or two will be coming to your students Connections class the morning of the run to judge who should get the prize.

Elementary School - Most Laps, Top Dollar, and Best Spirit will receive extra Ninja Nation time in the afternoon and a Popcorn and PJ Party OR Breakfast Smoothies. Best Spirit will be judged when the kids come out with their classes for the run.

To volunteer, please find the sign-up genius link here.

To donate, please find the online donation link here.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amy Henry at PTCOChallenge@gmail.com.

Thank You to Our 2023 Wolf Run Sponsors!